The US Has a Path to Paid Maternity Leave

The Question is Whether We Take it

Pregnant Woman Holding Her Baby Bump,
  1. Pay should be at 100%. The current system provides a reduced benefit, which may have helped these Paid Family Leave programs get off the ground, but we shouldn’t be requiring the sick and disabled to choose between returning to work and paying bills. Options for fully funding leave include reinvesting reserve balances from those who don’t end up getting sick, requiring employers to pay a portion into the system, or topping off deficits with general fund money.
  2. Supervisors are generally exempt. This is problematic since often employers classify employees to avoid triggering overtime rules, even though these employees don’t actually make more money or have better leave packages. In California at least this leaves a number of workers scrambling when they apply for short term leave and are told they don’t qualify.

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